Couple Session

What To Expect In A Couple Session

Humans are driven by relationships. Intimate relationship, specifically, has a unique way of teaching us how to communicate better if we are willing to be willing to be self-aware and observant of others. Intimate relationships should provide a place for each of the partners to kindly give and receive honest feedback without reservation. In turn, this will help partners practice interacting with another human being. Partners who are patient and encouraging with each other begin performing well with family members, colleagues, and friends. Ideally, it would be helpful to demonstrate patience and understanding at all times (even in the tense times that are bound to occur). However, the emotional nature of intimate relationships can strain the characters of both partners. Because of this, individuals can become reflexive in their communication, and say things that end up damaging the relationship in lasting ways.


Partners can learn helpful communication and response techniques to help them get their needs met. A couple will learn how to be more intentional and make a commitment toward creating and sustaining the intimate connection within their relationship. They will also be given ways to develop a sense of curiosity, discovery, play, and fun within the relationship. In these sessions, we will address the following topics:

Meeting Each Other’s Needs

Sometimes one partner will continually meet the other partner’s needs despite their own needs going unfulfilled. The rationale is that this will somehow motivate reciprocation. Although the giving partner may have good intentions, this is unsustainable. The relationship is likely to spiral out of balance, and the giving partner will end up resenting the receiving partner. When both partners have their needs met, contentious attitudes begin to dissolve and the couple can get on the same team! 

Relationship Communication

When someone is around another person long enough, often their communication becomes scripted. Oftentimes, people try saying the same things in the same way, and expect to somehow resolve issues that are years old. There are mindful words and language patterns partners can use to effectively reduce tension and minimize emotional reactivity. When a couple learns how to approach challenging issues in a responsive and empathetic way, they will foster an atmosphere of love and respect. 

Love & Respect

In an intimate relationship, traditionally, the male usually responds more to respect, and his female counterpart responds more to love. Although love and respect are essentially one and the same, they are packaged differently. If the man will not love his wife unless he feels respected, and his wife will not show respect to him unless she feels loved, they reach an impasse, which devolves into desperation. This right here is an issue that is the crux of many relationship challenges. Relationship sessions are offered to help partners grow individually and as a couple, so that a process is established to address inevitable challenges moving forward from the therapy sessions.


Couple therapy can help couples overcome obstacles that get in the way of having a fulfilling relationship. Finding ways to get on the same team will increase positive feelings between partners. Being able to show compassion to one another can simultaneously instill confidence that both are invested in supporting each other emotionally and physically. Many couples find they enjoy the therapeutic journey of becoming more self-aware and assertive. Couple therapy can help both partners objectively navigate through situational challenges, but it’s helpful to have periodic sessions to keep up on relationship maintenance, or to voice any concerns.


The sessions last for 45-minutes. An invoice will be sent after the session to the email used to sign up.