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Ken Knoechel, MS

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Ken offers high quality coaching sessions designed to help you process through life challenges that interfere with your intimate relationships and personal development. 

Mental Health Therapy

Who Is Ken?

Ken specializes in helping people deal with anxiety, depression, addiction and other mental health issues. He is skilled at helping individuals develop effective patterns of behavior and communication. Ken also has a passion for working with couples to help them create new relationship norms that get them back on the same team.

Mental Health Therapy

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Mental Health Coach

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Why meet with the mental health coach?

Ken has been dedicated to the mental health field for over 8 years. As a Mental Health Coach, he seeks to streamline the therapeutic experience while bringing quality services to those who are looking to be consistently engaged with quality care that is authentic and uniquely designed just for them. Ken helps you begin achieving your desired change.


Ken’s mission is to empower and challenge his clients while equipping them with the skills and awareness that will help them navigate their subjective experience in an ever-changing world. As a mental health coach practitioner, Ken has developed a unique, simple, and effective strategy to help you design and step into the life you desire to live in.


Ken has enjoyed working with the mind longer than he's been in practice. He has a passion for helping people learn how to perform well in their lives. He is a graduate level therapist who brings his clinical experience into the coaching arena.


When Ken engages his clients, he envisions them through the lens of who they desire becoming. Ken's tried and true approach to coaching removes the ambiguity of the change process and enables his clients to gain clarity. Ken recognizes and affirms his clients' potential and elicits from them a motivation for change.

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In the coaching session, Ken has a unique way of engaging his clients in the virtual space. He uses the online platform to give his clients easy access to video, audio, and other media resources that are best suited to their particular mental health needs. Ken creates a soothing and uplifting experience for his clients to use as a springboard toward change.

Every single thing we do and say is stored in your subconscious, so every single action or communication not only sends messages to other people, but also to ourselves.

-Ken Knoechel

About Me

I am a licensed Therapist in Ohio and Tennessee, and a certified Mental Health Coach to the rest of the world! I desire to help people begin performing well in life!

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